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Gold is your ticket to Wealth!

Forget Pills, Lotions and Potions.... Build Your Wealth with Gold!

The price of Gold goes up and up and up... I'll show you
how to become wealthy by taking advantage of this! 

Make Gold your business... this is THRILLING!

Karatbars International was founded in 2011.

We're a huge success in the USA and across the GLOBE
.... and growing every day! Our Product is MONEY!
GOLD is the only reliable currency and it's value keeps 
going up and Up and UP!
We specialize in small Gold bars and unique items in Gold
bullion. See our fantastic Gold items like the one below.



Karatbars new CashGold
Karatbars new CashGold will change our way of living

 We make it easy for you.

Get a complete beginners set containing one piece of the
four nominal values of CashGold in a single folder:

The new CashGold First Selection.

It comes in 4 different weight values of gold:
0.1g, 0.2g, 0.4g and 0.6g.

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There Are 3 Ways To Get Started


Option 1 - Save Gold
We all start here – we complete the free registration for our gold savings account and start acquiring Karatbars Gold in small increments, Karatbars International has made it easy by making available; a wonderful feature Called Auto Exchange. we call that, Pay Yourself First.
You set up your account to automatically exchange your paper currency for Karatbars Gold weekly or monthly. You simply set it and forget it, Activating this feature;  allows you automatically to Pay Yourself First with physical Gold, which is “Real Money”.
There are No fees of any kind, The account is completely free and takes less than 5 minutes to register. Every time you acquire Karatbars Gold, you are building your family’s wealth.
Option 2 - Save And Earn Commission
As an independent affiliate, when you save gold for yourself and share with others how to do the same, you position yourself to be rewarded monthly through our Affiliate Rewards Program. You are virtually in business for yourself in over 120 Countries Worldwide.
Option 3 - Maximise Your Earning Potential
You may choose one of several marketing packages which can position you to earn monthly and weekly commissions, in our Dual System Compensation plan, These packages are income producing assets.
Some People Have Asked - Why Karatbars? 
Well, for starters, Karatbars Savings Account gives you protection against future financial crisis, rapid inflation and the devaluation of the dollar, It protects your hard earned paper currency with physical gold.
Karatbars has the only system in the world where you can get free gold and cryptocurrency.

Karatbars Latest News

New Karat Gold Bank Payment System & Cryptocurrency Coins, 
Blockchain phone, ATM's and Smartphone APP coming soon... 
More info on our website. 
Forget Everything else you're involved in and jump on board 

This is NOT like any other MLM with some worthless
Product like a Juice or Pill or Digital Download.

1 Gram of 999.9 Pure Gold!!!

If you were ever going to stockpile anything in your garage,
wouldn't it make sense that it's GOLD? 
to open an account!
We have no monthly fees!
Hurry to our site Today!
Together in Success.


Chris Edward Holroyd
Skype - cashgoldsavingclub